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S.S. Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal Pump



We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Service Provider of Pumps, Homogenizer that serve to Dairy, Food, Ice Cream Making, Pharma, Chemical industries.

Dairy, food, Ice cream industry, Pharma, Chemical Stability, uniformity, long life, digestibility, best appearance, color an flavor improving. These are just some of the main advantages you can obtain by using the homogeniser for treating common foodstuff. The results, in economical and qualitative terms, make the use of the new NANO technology particularly convenient


Here a small showcase of products that can be Homogenized :

Sealtech Pumps are made from special processed investment casting for high quality stainless steel (minimum wall thickness of all components is 6 mm), isnsure a guarantee of precision & Non - porous surfaces. And all pumps are equipped with open type impellers with streamlined flow path, nonchokeable and maintenance free.

Standard Pumps are supplied in Monobloc design with standard Motor.

All Standard Pumps are equipped with Single mechanical shaft seal or Double mechanical shaft seal with various Seal face Combinations for various applications.


Additives :
Almond milk, Animal fats, Arabic gum, Baby food, Butter oil, Caseinates, Condensed milk, Cooking cream, Cream cheese, Dessert, Engg based liquor, Eggs, Emulsion, Flavors, Fruit and Tomato Concentrate, Fruit juices, Fruit pupls, Gelatins, Honey, Ice cream mix, Ketechup, Milk, Milk cream based liquors, Milk for youghurt, Milk protein, Puddings, Recombined milk, Rice milk, Sauce, Soya Milk, Tomato juices, Vegatables fats, Vegetable Oil Yoghurt.

Our Open patented compression block design which can be optionally installed on standard drives to meet special products pumping requirement. It can pump / homogeniser fluid products with agglomerates and solids without any accumulation or clogging the liquid end.

It offers the unique advantages :
• No solid build up.
• No production downtime.
• Optimized valve guide design.
• Free flow through the pumping valves.
• Optimized product flow to the homogenizing valve.
• Two stage Homogenising head with high efficiency & heavy duty application.
• Homogenizer is Sanitary designed for CIP & SIP.
• First and Second stage heads are operated pnemactically / Automatically. Hence the product a characteristic remains remains same.

We provide the following Extra Features :
• Homogenisation Valve and Valve sheets are made from imported tungsten carbide to withstand high pressure; Wear and Tear resistance property is very High and
   long lasting operation even abrasive products.
• Homogenisation suction & Discharge valve are tailor made & manufactured in high quality bume grade material.
• We provide extra cooling arragement for drive unit for smooth & continuous heavy duty operation.
• Limit swatches are provides for all side covers if required.
• Piston cooling system provides with sensor if reuired.
• Hour meter provided with machine.
• Pneumatic system i.e. LFR provided
• Sensor provided for product inlet if required
• All pneumatic connections are FESTO make
• All Antivibration pads are provided in SS.
• Air Dampers are provided with machine to restrict cavitations.
• Imported Diaghpharm type Gelesserene filled pressure gauge provided with machine

Our Unique Pump testing faciity offers to check all parameters as per IS standards.
Product and Features : PUMP
• HIGH EFFICIENCY with high grade S.S. CF8 OR CF8M Investment Casting Body.
• Problem free operation with Customised stainles steel alloy & solid components with heavy wall
• Open type impeller, universal, gental fluid handling, robust, low maintenance, long life pumps.
• High surface finish and designed seals for pharma application.
• Seals designed to withstand High temperature. Pressure and high abrasive particle transfer.
• Noiseless performance. Low maintenance and operation cost and without cavatation
• Pump run without Antisplace guard.
• Design offers to replace any make of motors ( Due to Extended shaft design.)

Sealtech Engineering - the name has become synonymous with the most advanced technology in High pressure homogenisers, Centrifugal / Lobe pumps and Valves. We are committed to meet highest quality standards demanded by the market all over the world.

Engineering company engaged in procviding equipment and services for the Food, Dairy & Beverage industry. Width servicing the need of the industry from a single equipment to complete trunkey plants we proud to be associated with some of the best established from private, Co-operative and Govt. Sector. As a part of the continued efforts in upgrading the quality of services to the industry .

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