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Skid Mounted Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger Type Pasteurisation


• The system is designed for hygienic application and all fittings are of sanitary design.
• Suitable provision is made to increase or decrease the length of the holding tube for variable capacity.
• Instrumentation and Controls are provided to display & control and record all important parameters in the system.
• The Pasteurization process is controlled through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Also PID control is provided for better temperature stability.
• The Programmable Logic controller (PLC) programming is done in such a way that handshake between our system and filler PLC is ensured.
• Cleaning In Place: Our Plant is designed to ensure that all product contact parts are cleanable by CIP.

1) Pasturiser Cycles :
• Rinsing Cycle.
• Preheating Cycle.
• Production Cycle.
• End of Production.
• Long Stoppage Cycle.
• CIP Cycle.

2) Control Action :
• Pasteurization temperature Control.
• Filling temperature Control.
• Flow Control.
• Balance tank level Control.
• Pressure differential Control.

3) Status :
• Pressure Status.
• Flow Status.
• Pasteurizer temperature Status.
• Filling temperature Status.

Spiral Tube
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Spiral Tube
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Spiral Tube
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